To the attention of the engaged federations and clubs.

After receipt of the official invitation, each team will proceed to the final  on line registration in clicking  on the "REGISTRATIONS" link.

As soon as the registration has been be confirmed, the teams  will receive a mail attesting the registration and including the access codes  allowing them to go to the following stages : 

  • Nominative registration

  • Changings, or  precisions as necessary


The same codes will allow the access to the general informations in relation with the different competitions such as, technical rules, awards, random drawing, starting lists for the different sessions and time schedules.


IMPORTANT : The slots open for the official international competitions allowed a maximum of 200 gymnasts to compete. So, the entries will be registered in chronological order according the validation on the web-site


  • 50€ per gymnast

  • 15€ per coach & judge

The fees cover the participation to the event and  give the right to a free ticket for the MASSILA MASTER which will run on Saturday afternoon after MASSIGALIADE competition.